Internationell gästdesigner Eleni Gratsia!

Då är det åter dags att rikta blicken mot världen! Idag har vi äran att gästas av Eleni Gratsia från Grekland! Här får hon själv berätta om sig och sin scrapbooking!

My name is Eleni Gratsia and I live in the beautiful city of Athens,  Greece, but I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.  Arts & crafts have always been a part of my life, from a very young age. Throughout the years I have dabbled in lots of things, but scrapbooking for me is a natural development of a combination for my favourite things: photography, writing, and playing with paper! Officially, I started in 2004, with a need to document the lives of my twin nieces, and a need to document my own life as well.  Scrapbooking is a form of expression, preservation and creativity for me!

Of course I’ve also enjoyed sharing my hobby with like minded people both in the international community and here inGreece, and I’m overjoyed in the way scrapping is becoming ever more popular.  I’ve met some marvelous people along this journey, who inspire me and keep me going!

It is such an honour to be asked by your inspirational blog to write something for you. So I thought I’d share my latest passion with you!

What I truly enjoy about scrapbooking is that we can incorporate so many different mediums, and craft forms.  Recently I’ve rediscovered crocheting … a simple hook and yarn can make and do so much.  It’s fashionable at the moment and you can buy, crocheted flowers & trims, so I thought why not do it myself?  It’s been so therapeutic! I find it very versatile as well, as with a little imagination you can do so much with it … so, let’s begin with a little show & tell!

For this double layout, I created the banner at the top.  I crocheted the triangles in white and then misted them to suit the colours of my page, joining  them together to form the banner. Easy peasy but so satisfying because it was made to suit this page!  I prefer doing my crochet pieces in white because with the use of mists you can colour them when you need them! So I have a little box of white pieces to pull out whenever I want.

 Another idea is to use a crochet piece as a mask.  I’ve created an oval piece and in the above layout I misted it, creating the frame for the photo.  It can be used again & again.  Another idea is to layer different sized pieces to create more texture.  You can see the flower I’ve made which I’ve just added a brad.  Both were originally white and I misted them once again.

In this layout, you can see the yellow crochet motif.  This was originally white as well. But I decided to experiment even more.  So after misting it and letting it dry, I ironed it to get it flat and stamped on it.  I like the final result.  There is so much you can do with it.

Finally here are two special cards that I’ve made recently.  I think the crochet pieces make them so much more elegant, don’t you?

I hope that I’ve inspired you to rediscover a forgotten craft form to incorporate in your own scrapping! Thank you once again for the opportunity to share this with you! Feel free to drop by my blog to visit whenever you like:

Thank you Eleni for sharing an inspirational article with our readers! Glöm nu inte att kika in i hennes blogg för att se allt fint hon gör!

Nästa månad tror jag vi kommer att landa i Japan! 🙂 /Pia

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3 responses to “Internationell gästdesigner Eleni Gratsia!

  1. Eleni thank you for always sharing your wonderful ideas….you have always been a fountain of knowledge and a true inspiration…thank-you

  2. You are first a wonderful person who always likes to share with others and also a very creative and talented scrapper who inspire us all!! Thanks Helen (Guru)!!!

  3. EFI

    Huge congratulations Elenh!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us your knowlwdge and your great ideas!!! Hugz


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